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1. Clinical Skill Lab 

There are 3 clinical skill labs which are MKK1, MKK2 and MKK3. Clinical skills laboratories are one of educational facilities that have the potential benefit for undergraduate medical students. This skill lab is use for simulation of a clinical environment so that we can control and practice clinical skill education. This center is a supplement of the real clinical environment. Education in skill lab center is based on some student center principles; active education and group discussion.

    IMG20160920093439  IMG20160920093451  IMG20160920093613

2. Dissection Anatomy Lab

We have two dissection halls which can hold up to 30 students per hall. In this parctical session besides using plastic model, are also exposed to cadevar, wet specimen and plastinated model.

    IMG20160920095426  IMG20160920095417  IMG20160920095437

 3. Biochemistry/Histology/Microbiology lab

We have 3 adjoining laboratory which can held up to 90 student in one time. Beside basic laboratory equipment our labs also have teaching microscope link with television and LCD projector as tools in teaching and learning session.

   IMG20160920095637  IMG20160920095656  IMG20160920095710

 4. Chemistry Lab

     IMG20160920095954 IMG20160920100033  IMG20160920095922

5. Cell Culture Lab

    Cellculture3  Cellture6  Halim7